DeHay's Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

DeHay's Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity Thumb

DeHay & Elliston has been recognized as a model of inclusion and diversity by some of its clients who are themselves leaders in their industries. The firm benefits from a strong female presence, since 47% of the partners and 54% of the associates are women. Women hold leadership positions within the firm, too, with two women serving as national counsel, and three of the firm's six offices have female managing partners.

In 2019, 21% of DeHay's attorneys were non-Caucasian, so the firm has been working toward achieving greater ethnic diversity nationwide. In 2020, 71% of its associates are non-Caucasian, and firm-wide, 23% of its attorneys are ethnically diverse.

The firm instituted a speaking program in 2020 that focused on giving minority attorneys more visibility within the firm, as well as providing the opportunity for refining speaking and presentation skills.  DeHay attorneys have participated in training offered by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and have assisted clients in developing nationwide policies for selecting and mentoring diverse counsel, as well as determining authorized vendors who practice diversity and inclusion. Finally, counsel have participated in implicit bias and bias interruption training programs, and are working on adapting a previously-planned Inclusion and Diversity Workshop for virtual participation.

Finally, DeHay & Elliston has a hiring and compensation committee that is 75% diverse and ensures that diversity is a factor that is considered in hiring and that compensation remains equitable. The firm's Inclusion and Diversity Committee implements programs and training opportunities for the firm's attorneys.


- Author: Jennifer Green | DeHay & Elliston, LLP

Oct 22, 2020