DeHay & Elliston attorneys are experienced in handling complex litigation.

Legendary Trial Law

DeHay & Elliston, L.L.P. is a registered limited liability legal partnership practicing in all phases of litigation with special emphasis in the areas of medical malpractice, personal injury, toxic tort, professional liability, products liability, premises liability, and insurance defense litigation.

DE traces its roots through the career of legendary trial attorney, J. Carlisle DeHay, Jr., who practiced in Dallas County for over 40 years. Carlisle played a special and significant role in the training and life of DE's founding partner Gary D. Elliston, prior to his death on November 15, 1991.

In 1978, Gary Elliston joined the litigation section of Gardere, Porter & DeHay to practice with his mentor, J. Carlisle DeHay, Jr. In 1979, Gardere, Porter & DeHay merged with Wynne Jaffe & Tinsley to form Gardere, Wynne, Jaffe & DeHay. However, within a year, 13 attorneys including Carlisle and Gary left that firm to form DeHay & Blanchard. On August 15, 1992, a group of partners and associates withdrew to form DeHay & Elliston, L.L.P.

DE was formed with a commitment to the practice and preservation of the ethics, professionalism, and high ideals demonstrated by Carlisle DeHay during his life. The partners have joined together with three primary objectives: 1) Provision of quality and responsive legal services to business, legal, accounting, and medical communities involved in professional liability, products liability, premises liability, or personal injury litigation at economically justifiable rates; 2) To maintain their reputation as lawyers of the highest quality and a viable alternative to the large national firms; and 3) Provision of a professional environment which is conducive to attracting and retaining highly competent and motivated attorneys and staff.

DE attorneys are experienced in handling complex litigation involving numerous plaintiffs and/or defendants in Federal and State Courts throughout numerous states. That experience has provided DE nationwide familiarity with numerous plaintiff and defense firms, expert witnesses and courts.