When a group of people becomes ill or suffers an injury, a lawyer will often attempt to find a common cause of those injuries. The people may have all worked in the same location, or in the same profession, or with the same types of product or equipment. If there is a common thread, then a lawyer may advertise to attempt to locate more individuals with a similar injury, and what can result is mass tort litigation.  

As a business or property owner, you may be sued in one of these mass tort cases and seemingly overnight, you may have received hundreds of claims relating to a single product you sold or business activity you conducted or location you owned.  The lawyers at DeHay & Elliston are experieced in mastering the medical and scientific knowledge associated with these claims and defending companies who may have been sued because someone focused on mere correlation, instead of causation. DeHay & Elliston will not advertise on television or billboards; rather, our lawyers will work to defend your company from lawsuits brought by the lawyers you see in these advertisements.