Contracts are simply a legal binding agreement between two or more parties. But, contracts also provide our free market economy freedom to enforce certainty that a party will be compensated for their work. Contracts can provide businesses protection over purchases and assets. A written contract is a wise decision that will help you avoid the stress and complications should problems arise later in the relationship. Our attorneys want to protect your business from possible exposure to liability by providing a comprehensive contract. Whether you are in need of help drawing up a contract, adding to or changing an existing contract, or enforcing a contract, give us a call and we will assist you in the best course of action. 

The attorneys at DeHay & Elliston provide contract services for both large and small companies. Whether it is writing the initial contract to define your contractual relationship with someone else, reviewing a propsed contract that was presented to you by a business partner, or helping you navigate a dispute,  we ensure prompt turnaround, sound advice, and excellent service to assist with the confusion and frustration regarding contracts.