Knowing business laws is essential for planning, negotiating and document drafting. Therefore, dealing with business liabilities, debts, taxes and business growth must be addressed, sooner rather than later.

A few areas of business dealings businesspersons must take into consideration include:

  • Acquisitions, Consolidation, Mergers, Reorganization, Liquidations and Private Stock Offerings
  • Shares and Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Drafting and Reviews of Contract
  • Financial Agreements
  • State and Federal Laws Compliance
  • Buy-Sell Agreements, Negotiations and Structuring
  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreement Preparation
  • Trademark, Patent and Copyright
  • Creation and Structuring of Foreign or Domestic Corporation, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and Joint Ventures

In a perfect world, a good businessperson would be able to handle all the aspects of business ownership. The reality is that business laws have become increasingly complex and today’s corporations need legal guidance to prevent running into trouble with potential problems or litigation. Business owners will likely have to consult a lawyer sooner or later to ensure continued success with their endeavors. When you need a law firm to handle your business transaction needs, look to DeHay & Elliston get the job done. We have knowledgeable attorneys that can handle the intricate processes and understand complex business concepts of managing a corporation.