Contracts provide our free market economy freedom to enforce certainty that a party will be compensated for their work. Contracts can provide businesses protection over purchases and assets. The contract law attorneys at DeHay & Ellliston can provide contract writing for businesses and individuals. Our attorneys want to protect your business from possible exposure to liability by providing a comprehensive contract.

Some of the different types of contracts we work with include:

  • Business disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud litigation
  • Infringement disputes
  • Real estate disputes

If you have been wronged after entering into a binding agreement and the other party fails to fulfill their end of the bargain, DeHay & Elliston are here to help you recover damages and protect your interest. Our attorneys litigate a wide range of contract disputes from individuals, corporations and partnerships. We understand contract law and will work to recover all the loss to which you are entitled.