Todd Suddleson Obtains Defense Verdict in Massachussetts

Todd Suddleson Obtains Defense Verdict in Massachussetts Thumb

Partner Todd Suddleson recently was involved in trying the case of Robert Donlan v. CertainTeed, which was tried in Brockton, Massachussetts.  The Plaintiff claimed he incurred his injuries as a result of his alleged exposure to asbestos-containing products manufactured by CertainTeed Corporation.  The Plaintiff had confirmed peritoneal mesothelioma and was still living at age 58.   The Plaintiff testified live at trial that he was exposed to asbestos from CertainTeed asbestos cement pipe while he was delivering electrical conduit for an electrical contractor at the Polaroid plant in Norwood, Massachussetts.  CertainTeed contended that the asbestos cement pipe at Polaroid was Johns Manville, not CertainTeed.  Further, it was argued that the mesothelioma was idiopathic.  Plaintiff's brother died of peritoneal mesothelioma at age 59 with no known asbestos exposure.

Oct 24, 2012